2010 was one for the record books among Pro-Activity's Personal Wellness Experience (PWE) clientele.  As we look back to January 1st, 2010 when Pro-Activity’s professional staff encouraged clients “Your Journey Starts Here”, we can’t help but smile with pride and admiration for what has transpired from that journey in the last twelve months, and all that our clients have achieved in 2010. Read More

Ok, by now the “big secret” is out…..we’re gearing up for a major expansion and move across the highway to BaseCamp 31, but here’s a little glimpse of some new things you’ll find over there when you’re “on the inside”. The Fuel Good Café, so much more than your typical eatery......

2010 was another busy year for Pro-Activity’s Prevention Services team as corporations continue to see the value and positive return on investment in the health and performance of their people.  Mike Eisenhart, managing partner and prevention services lead puts it this way“the combination of tough economic times, people working longer and harder than ever and the continued declining health of so many Americans is forcing employers to find creative solutions.  Nothing adds dollars back like an improvement in health; people can do more with less fatigue, have less injuries and are happier…..


Lifestyle change never comes easy, and some might even consider it a battle of endurance.  In 2010 approximately 30% of year-round wellness clients trained for, a

nd succes

sfully completed their first-ever endurance event, leaving them stronger & more fit in the

 process, and 10% of those did so in the half-marathon distance....Read More