Prevention Services Team

2010 was another busy year for Pro-Activity’s Prevention Services team as corporations continue to see the value and positive return on investment in the health and performance of their people.  Mike Eisenhart, managing partner and prevention services lead puts it this way“the combination of tough economic times, people working longer and harder than ever and the continued declining health of so many Americans is forcing employers to find creative solutions.  Nothing adds dollars back like an improvement in health; people can do more with less fatigue, have less injuries and are happier…..this adds up quickly, in most cases to the tune of $2-3 dollars per dollar investment……with most typical investments turning less than 10%, 200-300% is pretty compelling”.

This year the Prevention Services team drove over 50,000 miles throughout NJ, NY and CT, delivered 20,000+ training contacts, and had some really fulfilling health breakthroughs. “We have so many exciting stories as people change their lifestyle but one of our proudest this year has to be our buddy Pat, from O&R (a Con-Edison company) who was a member of our Phoenix pilot, where we combined some of the health coaching we do in the Personal Wellness Experience with the Prevention Services team.” Eisenhart says “Since April, Pat is down nearly 100 lbs and has had the kind of wellness ‘aha’ we hope for all of our clients”. 

In addition to the Phoenix project, Pro-Activity expanded in another important service area in 2010, introducing Pro-Activity Laboratory Services in August, which effectively brought“in-house”a service that Pro-Activity has been involved in delivering since 2007. The group delivered more than 4000 cardiovascular disease screenings and 3000+ influenza vaccines throughout NJ. “PSEG is one of our most forward thinking corporate clients in regards to health and wellness. They understand the risks of chronic disease and are invested in its prevention. They are a leader in wellness and prevention and we are proud to have had played even a small role in their success”Eisenhart concludes. Without a doubt, bringing these resources together and internal to the company, we have expanded our ability to help all of our clients, corporate, small group or personal to get further, faster in their journey toward a healthy and vital life.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the services Pro-Activity offers through its Prevention Services team and how they might have an impact in your workplace, please feel free to reach out to us any time.