LifeStyle Change and Personal Triumph highlight 2010 for Pro-Activity’s PWE Clientele

Lifestyle change never comes easy, and some might even consider it a battle of endurance. In 2010 approximately 30% of year-round wellness clients trained for, and successfully completed their first ever endurance event, leaving them stronger & more fit in the process, and 10% of those did so in the half-marathon distance….many donning the legendary PACER blue, and helping Team Pro-Activity to claim it’s stake as“Fastest Team in Va Beach”! And although not in Virginia, leading our group of lifestyle change enthusiasts with impressive 2010 results is Mike Wellons, a selfdefined“type A”who places emphasis on setting specific goals, and possesses the determination and grit to see monitor progress, and them through. Please join us in congratulating Mike on achieving his weight loss goals (10% reduction), climbing the highest peak in the Northeast (Mt.Washington), and pushing himself to a post-high school personal record in the 5k race! 

Speaking of determination and grit, Pro-Activity is humbled to have played a small role in this next story of incredible personal triumph….When Wandy Bush came to us in late 2009 and couldn’t wait to get her family involved, we knew we had someone who placed considerable value on“walking the walk”and modeling strength, and health for those she cared about most. Those who have been fortunate enough to work side-by-side with Wandy in a training group can attest to her energy and seemingly endless desire to do more. However, what many may not know is that Wandy’s 2010 journey started with a major fork in the road. Life had dealt her a very serious, unexpected health obstacle, and her choices were split…become a patient, someone dependent on others for care….or
become a role model, take charge, fight, and persevere. Thanks to early detection and screenings, and an amazing will to win,Wandy chose the later, climbing Mt.Washington alongside her husband in the heart of her treatment, and completing her first half-marathon with other Pro-Activity“family members”just four days after her first post-treatment check-up. She has modeled strength for her family,and has left all of us mesmerized by her actions and incredible will. When asked“Why”,Wandy simply replies it was a good opportunity to show her kids that,“I wasn’t going to let cancer win!”