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Ridiculous Relay

In typical Pro-Activity form, our team kicked Friday the 13th off with an event that may have frightened the masses....a human powered 260 mile relay.  Starting from the Northern tip of NJ at the monument in High Point, our team ran or rode (cycled) for nearly the entire weekend, covering 260 miles, and reached the lighthouse in Cape May, NJ merely 44 hours after our start.  Ridiculous Relayers (emphasis on the “ridiculous” part) included Mike, Lindsay, Lauren, Alissa, and Andrew Eisenhart, Eric and Amy Eisenhart (previously Hank), Amy Weller, Nick Pfaff and Alissa Stoever, Justin and Renee Bagley, and Jeff Craig along with clients Chris and Wandy Bush, and Tim and Erin Jantsch. Groups of our “Ridiculous” took turns completing different portions of the course, and camped the nights in between for adequate recovery (and some Hobo Pie....more on that soon).  It was a fun, challenging, and truly EXTRAORDINARY experience for all involved.  And as we dipped our feet into the Atlantic we were thrilled and satisfied to have finished....and then immediate
ly started talking about what our next event would be...will you participate in our next crazy idea?  

Full Story:

At the beginning of 2010 we challenged all of 
our clients (personal and corporate), our friends, our families, and ourselves to “do something extraordinary”. We started with a game that challenged us to track our healthy activities and complete mind boggling tasks such as doing 1500 push-ups in a day, progressed to a crazy game of Jeopardy within which we went "Geocaching" (look it up if you haven't heard of it), and culminated exactly six months later (Friday, August 13th) in a human-power only, adventure relay from the monument at High Point (Sussex) to the
lighthouse in Cape May; a race we referred to as “The Ridiculous Relay” and competed against no one but ourselves.  It wasn't about winning anything but doing something truly unique that we would all remember for a lifetime, and proving to ourselves we can do anything we put our minds to.  The below story is only from one “ridiculous” point of view and I'm sure if you asked anyone there, they'd have their own to tell.....  

Day 1: When the day finally arrived, Mike and his family headed up to the monument starting point, and as if getting started 
an hour late wasn't enough, Mike spent the first 30 minutes of his ride going in the wrong direction.  Once he reached the Pennsylvania state line, he recognized something was amiss, called his support car, and got back on track.  Less than an hour later he ran into a closed bridge and had to detour; at this point we were all thinking that maybe the weeks of prep were still not enough.  
Meanwhile, a majority of the group met at the Country Square Clinic and drove to Stephan's State Park in Hacketstown to setup camp.  We were greeted with signs stating we had entered "Bear Country" and leaving food out was punishable by fine.  Once the tents were setup the Jantsch's went to meet Mike at the first handoff point, while the Bush's prepared the night's meal.  Justin, Renee, and I were the last group to go for the day and donned reflective gear and head lamps to avoid the oncoming cars with little shoulder as the sun set for day one.  Finally we arrived back at camp around 9:30, well after sunset, enjoyed some food and drink, and then headed to the tents for the night.  

Daily Totals:  5 hours on the road - 45 miles

Day 2: While day 1 was a success and we survived the night with no bear attacks, we had a lot of work ahead of us and awoke early the next morning (around 6 am), prepared breakfast, and packed the gear while Mike again set off first to complete another 20 miles by bike.  This would prove to be a grueling day of driving, riding, navigating, running, eating, chafing, and drinking.  Chris and Wandy were the next to go, followed by Amy, Eric, and myself.  Finally, the team was complete as the rest of the team joined us at Cook State Natural Area in Kingston, NJ around midday.  
The miles ticked away as everyone took turns riding or biking, some in groups and some solo.  Jeff followed me followed by Amy, Mike, Tim, and Erin.  It was truly extraordinary seeing the lush mountains and rolling hills of northern NJ turn to farmland in the center of the state which turned to some sort of pine forest in southern NJ, and finally beach towns along the shore.  Once again the sun went down as a majority of the team went ahead to our next campground (Whipporwill in Marmora) to setup camp and start the food while others carried on the activity well into the night.  This campground was nothing like our first night...there was no threat of bears only tightly packed units with some sporting small cottages that looked like permanent establishments and it was here that I learned what a walking taco is.  The night crew on this day was Mike and Lindsay followed by Mike and Chris all by foot.  Alas the exhausted team called it quits around 11:00 PM nearly 20 miles short of the expected milestone for the day.

Daily Totals: 17 hours on the road - 162 Miles
Overall Totals:  22 hours on the road - 207 Miles 

Day 3: This morning was nothing like the last as we all groaned out of bed except for Andrew, the youngest of the bunch, who commanded to know why we were getting up so early.  We had to get a head start and make up for the 20 lost miles we had from the night before and we had to backtrack some to find where we had left off.  This portion of the trip started on the shore as Amy and I ran over 2 large bridges that arched some of the inlet rivers around the shore.  It was quite peaceful and filled with other riders and runners, but as they were out for their morning jog, we were striving to finish a weekend long journey.  Aside from some slight chafing from the previous day's work, it was a good way to get started.  
Chris took over next and ran through the streets of a beach town as the locals began to stir for their morning coffee, and once again I couldn't help but think to myself, "Don't these people realize what we've been through?" Mike took over next by bike to make up some time, and at points it was tough to keep up with his pace as the beach town roads filled up with traffic making travel by car unfortunately slow.  The last leg of the trip was completed by two groups, one of riders, and the next of runners (which included Mike and Lindsay's troopers (Lauryn, Alissa, and Andrew) who took over and finished all the way onto the beach and into the water.  
The expression on everyone's face was - knowing all the hard work was behind us and we had accomplished our task, exhaustion - from the nights of sleeping on the hard ground, driving countless hours, and putting in the human powered miles, and amazement - knowing we had all just done something we would not soon forget and be able to tell stories about the "Ridiculous Relay" we all completed the weekend of August 13th, 2010.

Daily Totals:  6 hours on the road - 50 miles

Overall Totals: 28 hours on the road - 257 miles

Team Averages: 9.2 Miles per hour - 6:32 pace