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As its been discussed in this newsletter, to “endure” requires the proper dosage of several key ingredients (you know, the ones we have been discussing each month)...specifically the right type and amount of fuel, movement and recovery.  Oh and don’t forget another key component: prevention! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”...we can thank Benjamin Franklin for that one.  If balanced properly these ingredients allow us to endure.  Remember, to endure does not mean life on easy street.  On the contrary, in order to endure successfully one must live through and survive hardships.  Whether that hardship be something self imposed, check out Eric’s Boston Marathon experience HERE for an idea of what I mean.  Some generations didn’t need to look for hardships to endure, hardship found them. 

Take for example, Albert Chanin, affectionately known as Pop-Pop!  Al is going to be 90 years 
young this August.  Born in 1921 he is the son of Russian immigrants who fled Russia at the height of World War I, as their communities and way of life were being destroyed.  They arrived in the United States just in time for the Great Depression.  How lucky he and his family were!  They no longer had to worry about having their home and family destroyed, in America he only had to worry about the frequent fist fight to keep someone from stealing his food or money so he would not starve.  Al would continue fighting for his life and his country as he served in World War II.  


(Pop-Pop with his great granddaughter!)

To make a long story short, Al has done enough enduring for several lifetimes, but if you talked to him you wouldn’t know it.  You would come to find that with all he has endured in life he believes he is one of the luckiest men in the world!

If you were to look more closely at his life you would find many similarities to our FUEL, MOVE, RECOVERY, ENDURE philosophy along with other key factors that have been found to promote
longevity.  He’s always maintained a close knit support network and a spouse, he loves to laugh and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures...like a good piece of fruit.  That’s right, fruit is one of life’s simple pleasures especially when as a child the only way you could get it was sneaking onto a farmer’s land and filling your pocket’s with as many peaches as you possibly could!  And although he’s not as fast as he used to be, spinal stenosis has slowed him down a bit, he accepts his limitations stating “I know what I can do and what I can’t.  If I’m walking and need to rest, I rest.”  After spending time with someone as amazing as Al you are reminded to appreciate all the things in life that we sometimes take for granted, like a good peach!

So do this test, imagine you’re 90 years old sitting in a rocking chair thinking back on your own lifeasking yourself did I do everything I wanted to do?  You know the important stuff...serve a greater purpose for others, walk your daughter down the isle, hold your great granddaughter, etc.   Well in order to get there you have to endure and in Al’s case he has not just ENDURED, he has THRIVED!

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