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A few months back, some of us had the privilege to meet an inspiring individual, a loving husband, a successful attorney, an accomplished triathlete....and oh yeah...one more thing, a person with blindness since childhood.  His story was fascinating, and his outlook inspiring as he detailed highlights of his journey that included overcoming childhood bullies and bar exam administrators who, in what ironically sounded a lot like bullying, would not allow him the use of an appropriate assisting device.  But what was most impressive, as he went on to describe triathlon experiences and open-water swims that required him to keep contact with his guide every 5-10 yards (can you even imagine!), was his take home message - "Life is an Endurance Sport".
Interestingly, the Latin root of endure (Indurare) means to harden, and used in English; to undergo (as a hardship) especially without giving in.  Sort of a tough view on life, but think about it for a moment.  Think back to the most rewarding experiences in your life - the birth of a child, a smashing business proposal, overcoming illness or disability, college graduation, an amazing athletic feat, a life-changing accomplishment, your 50 year wedding anniversary!  What often makes these experiences so rewarding...so extraordinary, are the obstacles overcome, the twists endured, and the turns accelerated through to get to each milestone.  In those times, we had to find a way to get tough....to somehow call up the strength to push through what seemed insurmountable...to undergo the trials and ultimately overcome the hardships faced....in nearly every realm of human performance success requires preparation of the body, focus of the mind, and the desire of the spirit to sustain an effort without giving in....to have the courage to pursue, the will to persist, and the power to GO ENDURE!

For ideas, tips and other information, keep an eye on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/goendure or to really see what you can do, join other endurance athletes as they do something extraordinary this year (www.pacerteam.com).