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None of these will work, OR all of them will work, OR any one of them will work...the truth is there isn't one specific workout that's best for everyone, but the factor that will make the difference between success and failure is CONSISTENCY
Start by creating a plan.  Hopefully you've read Justin's blog post about the importance of creating a plan by now, and if not, you can read it here.  Choosing a workout plan where you work really hard for 2 weeks and then don't do it again for a month because you just can't muster the energy to get back in the door isn't a good choice.  Plan to mix up the workouts with some harder than others, but try to get at least a little work in most days of the week (5 or 6).

I like to think of exercise like saving or investing money.  You don't take your entire pay check every time and deposit it into the bank. You need some money to live on after all.You decide on a small amount to save each month and little by little, month by month you put that money away until one day you realize you've saved a small fortune (hopefully).  It wasn't any one deposit that made the difference, but it was the discipline to keep depositing combined with TIME that made the difference.  

The same can be said for exercise, you can't dedicate all of your time to exercise because you've got other things to do in life!  But if you set aside a little time each day and have the self discipline to stick to your plan over time, you'll see a big difference in the long run.  You don't need to do any special workout and you don't need to kill yourself EVERY time you go into the gym or go for a walk, but you do need to do it on a regular basis.  30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days per week is better than all 150 minutes at one time, and it only takes 25 minutes of moderate aerobic activity to experience the endorphine release associated with the "feel good" effect of exercise.  This plan will make you feel better as well as be more likely that you'll stick to it.

In addition, you probably won't see major gains after only a few weeks of exercise.  Give yourself at least 3 months,  you'll start to see a difference and the positive effects will encourage you to continue on a regular basis.  Exercise shouldn't be like going on a 3 month diet, rather a part of your lifestyle you plan to do every day for the rest of your life, so target something that you find enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding and stick to it.  
Most research shows that it takes 21 days to form new habit.....and that's a great first goal.