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Is reaching the goal of a long, vibrant and accomplished life just about being tougher than your competitor? Of course not.  After all, isn't it the recovery storyline in Sea Biscuit what makes it so endearing.....
or how about the painful ice-tub sequence in the Rudy Ruettiger story which helped to prep the body for the next day's beating.....both glamorized for sure, but the concept is real and critically important.  No matter how tough you are in any moment......being resilient over the long term requires a recovery strategy and it is AT LEAST as important as the training side of the equation.  Without one, there is no "other".
At Pro-Activity we view our clients as athletes......some in formal competition......some competing in the workplace......but ALL competing against the outside forces that seem to be keeping our society weaker and sicker than ever.  Against those enormous odds, which seem to be getting bigger all the time, we're ALL the little guy fighting a seemingly unbreakable monster.

 Since our last issue the recover theme continues to come through loud and clear.  Justin blogged about a guy who was able to fold in enough high-quality recovery to run over 2000 miles in 6 weeks.  In addition, the Guinness Record for consecutive marathons (1 per day for an ENTIRE YEAR) was set by 49 year old Stefaan Engles who completed more than 9,500 miles over that time.  One of his quotes to the Associated Press? "I recover quickly".  Sure these are committed, tough people doing amazing things......but they're also masters of one key rule to human performance:  the overload principle (i.e. progressively pushing the body harder/faster/longer) only yields physiological adaptations (i.e. tissue strength/flexibility/speed) when it is counterbalanced by the RIGHT recovery.  Take the time to plan in recovery and the results will be bigger, faster, stronger and ultimately BETTER!  Not sure where to start?  Well, that's what you've got us for....just ask.