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Move August

With summer quickly coming to an end, and the school year right around the corner, we often hear a bit of anxiety in people’s voice when discussing ways to “fit it all in”.  Many of us seek time-saving strategies and feel the urge to find things to “drop” to ease some of the pressure of an already over-packed schedule.  And as unfortunate as it may be, sometimes it’s just easiest to put personal health and fitness at the bottom of the priority list….after all, something has to give, right?!?!


Well, here’s the thing……when our schedules are packed, stress levels are high, and our minds are multi-tasking on overdrive….our bodies MUST keep up.  And although few are the workout sessions motivated by bathing suit shopping (at least for 8 or 9 months), now maybe more so than ever, “we’ve got to keep on movin”.

Get it!?....Ok….but how?


Moving doesn’t have to be about joining a gym and getting lost in a sea of treadmills, dumbbells, and spin bikes….in fact, this writer would argue that if you don’t find that enjoyable (does anyone?)…it’s time to look a bit further.  And while it’s been drilled into our head that a key to health and longevity is making exercise “a part of your lifestyle”…what many fail to mention is that a key to making something a part of your lifestyle is making it FUN!  And what better way to have fun, than to be with friends? 

At Pro-Activity, we’re big believers in FUN, and we’ve structured our group-based exercise classes in such a way that fun is just as important as reps, sets, pace, or intensity.  We do our best to group folks with similar demographics, interests, goals, etc., and before we know it…we’ve got a bunch of mini social groups…..friends who help friends stay fit!


Not into the traditional exercise scene?  No worries…..try some of these alternatives offered at our new home (BasecCamp 31) on for size:


Monday’s, 6:30pm – Group Fun Run / Walk – Free & Open to the Public at

It’s not everyday you get to go for a run alongside elite runners and Olympic hopefuls from the NJNY Track Club.  And just when you thought nothing could be more intimidating…you meet Group Run lead, Julie Culley and her teammate Frances Koons….some of the most approachable and down to earth professional athletes there are…go ahead google them, then come out and join us.  All abilities welcome!


Tuesday’s, 6:30pm – Mixed Level Yoga

Maybe one of the best ways to add some “Recover” into your life, and an incredibly relaxing way to end your day, instructor Leah is getting rave reviews with her ability to customize her class to meet the diverse needs of individuals.  Yoga combines flexibility, and relaxation / meditation techniques, is a great supplement to an active life, and at $10 / class ($15 for drop-ins) costs no more than that latte and muffin.


Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, 6:00am – Introducing “Major’s Boot Camp”

Not your typical fitness-style boot camp class, Major’s Boot Camp, lead by  MARINE CORPS & DESERT STORM VETERANS  is a 6 week authentic boot camp offering, combining the rigors of military training with ability-appropriate training techniques.  If you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or for a fun, new challenge….consider taking this first step to achievement! 

Coming Soon – September 13, 2011 – contact eeisenhart@pro-activity.com for details or register here.

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