You've heard the phrase "Move It, Or Lose It Mister" as in, "move quickly, or deal with the consequences".  Or maybe you've heard an exercise program claim to help you "Move It AND Lose It" referring to weight loss.  In our world, MOVE(ment) is simply one of four key actions to ensure a Thriving life.  Slice it and dice it anyway you want, the research is abundantly clear, "moving" regularly (aka consistent exercise that will elevate the heart rate for30-60 minutes daily) maintains the bodies ability to function, increases 
fitness, prevents disease, decreases stress, and enhances overall well-being and self-worth.  But would you believe that our ability to MOVE efficiently and effectively was key to our evolution....that stride for stride, humans may be the most advanced "movement machines" on the planet, that we are in fact the  "Inspector Gadget's" of movement efficiency!  Not convinced?  What if I told you that in a Horse vs. Human race...the human won!!....READ MORE


At Pro-Activity we believe that the key to a healthy diet is variety built on the foundation of proven standards. Just as a rocket needs the proper fuel to break the earth’s pull, a body needs the right fuel mix – the correct balance between macros (protein, carbs, fat), micros (vitamins & minerals) and taste to get the most out of the system and although there are many ways to look at it, there are 8 key things to look for.....Read More


In the real world it's not uncommon that two
very opposing forces act to counterbalance each other and create a harmonious or resonant effect.  Some might say that every yin has it's yang.  In the training world, recovery is often the quiet counter needed to make even the most extreme workouts a success.  If “Recover” means
to return to the optimal, balanced state, then whatever your event is–your body needs recovery afterward if you are to excel in your next event. Actively facilitating recovery (as opposed to sitting back and waiting for it to happen on its own) nudges the body along and allows you to return to your event sooner, and even more prepared. Read more for RECOVERY tips...


Anybody can do something when it's easy; anybody can do something when it's fun; but the moments in life that define us are the tests....when it's difficult....when we have to call up patience from the very depths of our soul.....or when the pain of a given situation seems almost too great to overcome.  What is it that drives people forward?  What is it that pushes them through the pain and on toward their goals?  It is the ability to ENDURE...but what does that mean?  Click here to find out what it takes and watch as one of our clients ENDURE's and THRIVE's!