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Move July

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Summer is heating up, and it begs the question (in our best Joey Tribianni voice), “How You Movin?”  By now it’s been six months since many of us made our New Year’s resolutions, and summer tends to be the time that the majority of folks really try to focus on training, strength, fitness, and overall health. And although it’s hard to say that life is “less busy” than it is during the other three seasons - the weather, long days, and lack of school for some do tend to lend more flexibility.  But regardless of unique individual situation, now is a good time to check in with ourselves, take a look back, reflect, and determine if we’ve made progress, need some guidance or plan modification, or are on pace to hit our 2011 goals.


At Pro-Activity, our “Move” model, also known as the Personal Wellness Experience (PWE) – a health, strength, and fitness system designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele with unique athletic performance or health & wellness goals – focuses on training “phases” (also known as "periodization") so that each client is prepared to be at their best when most needed or desired.  Sometimes this means being ready to peak in an upcoming competitive athletic season, or maybe gearing up to “PR” for the weekend warrior….or maybe that just means knowing when to hit it hard and push towards that weight loss goal, or when to back-off, recover, and maintain.  Regardless of goals, it’s important to understand that no one phase of training is more important than the other.


In our world, typical summer training usually sees our clients transcending two important phases of training:


  1. Base Training Phase – a 4-8 week period where we focus on building a strong “base” so that our bodies can handle more intense work or performance demands down the road.  For off-season athletes, this often means focusing on strength and aerobic endurance.  Exercises and cardiovascular fitness routines are often designed around slower, easier than normal, controlled movements with more repetition and / or longer duration.  Form and mechanics are critical here regardless of endeavor, and we’re firm believers that perfect practice makes perfect performance.
  2. Preparatory or Sport-Specific Training – a 4-6 week phase that occurs only once a solid base has been achieved, and usually directly precedes the competitive season.  The primary goal of this phase is to condition the body in such a way that when presented with functional demands on the playing field – the body can respond quickly, effectively, and with power. 
  3.  The focus shifts more to plyometric, ballistic, or explosive (jumping, bounding, lunging, throwing) movements, completed with resistance, in a manner that mimics the biomechanics of the individual sport.  This type of training relies on the elasticity of the muscles, and their ability to stretch, control, and contract quickly.  Typically our trainers and coaches will instruct the client to choose a resistance level that is controllable, but challenging (roughly 10% of body weight), and complete a given exercise for time (rather than repetition) based on the time required in normal competitive play.


This summer we’ve been more fortunate than ever, as more and more people are ready to take action in pursuit of their health and fitness goals, and are seeking us out to help guide them on their way.  They’re people just like you and I, with busy schedules, and demanding responsibilities.  They’re nurses, teachers, executives, moms, and dads….they’re young adults getting ready to embark on college, competitive high school students, and budding middle school stars.  They play softball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer….they’re wrestlers, cheerleaders, runners, and more.  There are those looking to break into the varsity line-up, those preparing for the NCAA’s, and a handful of Olympic hopefuls.  It’s exciting to watch and we must admit, things are “Movin Good”!  As always, if you or someone you know could benefit from a little guidance on the path to better health and higher performance, we’d be honored to help!



Did You Know???  Pro-Activity has launched team-specific strength and fitness programs, and is now reserving facility space and dedicating trainers to work with athletic teams and coaches from all over the area.  What better way to further unite a group, build camaraderie, and have a little fun with your teammates in the off-season?  We hope you’ll ask us about our team training plans, and how discounts may apply!
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