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July Endure

The Journey is the Reward - Chinese Proverb

How often on one of our many life’s journeys do we really stop to smell the roses?  Sometimes we’re so focused on the end-goal that we develop tunnel vision and miss some amazing things along the way.  What if we are missing opportunities to better ourselves or grow stronger?  These journeys are what make us continually evolve for the better.  

When one thinks of the word “endure”, it has a negative association to it.  We’ve all heard of or know someone who has to “endure” an illness or hardship, for example.  But what if we turn it around and look at “endure” in a positive light?  When we endure anything, we can choose to stress ourselves for the better.  We learn what we’re made of and just how much we’re capable of.  If we choose not to face the adversity or not allow ourselves to fully appreciate the “stressor”, we never grow or become stronger.  If we choose to “endure” to become better, we learn from our journey, which makes even the toughest times worth every minute.  

Think back to when you were a kid.  Did you always and consistently do the “right thing”?  Probably not.  We might even be a bit embarrassed or outright mortified by some of the things we did, but we wouldn’t be the same people we are today.  We’ve endured the journey of life, made some mistakes along the way and are who we are because of it.  

So maybe it’s time to take a step back and determine if you’re solely focused on the the end-goal or if you allow yourself to stop, look around and fully appreciate what’s going on...and better yourself because of it.
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