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Jun 2011 Recover


Life is hectic these days – and we’ve all got plenty of examples to back that.  On a daily basis we are being pulled in so many directions, the image of the rubber band snapping just can’t be ignored. 


How do we recover from life’s daily tugs?  And when there’s really no “time” for dedicated recovery?  One simple strategy that can be incorporated into daily regimes is nutrition.  You have to eat, why not get more bang for your buck?


Yes, more fruits and vegetables.  Yes, low fat protein sources.  Yes, plenty of water especially as the temperatures continue to rise. All of these support recovery on the go.  And, here’s another to consider – selenium.  Working this trace mineral into your diet may have an impact on your body’s natural “recover” ability…even if you can’t slow down.


Selenium is naturally found in nuts (especially Brazil nuts and walnuts), seafood, and mushrooms as well as eggs, whole grains and wheat germ.  Unfortunately, when we choose highly processed foods, much of the natural selenium is lost as it is contained in the hull and germ of the grain. Also important in determining selenium amounts in food is the quality of the soil the food was grown in. So how do you figure that out?  Selenium depleted soil areas include China, Finland, Africa, and the US in the Great Lakes area nearer to New England as well as the Pacific Northwest.  Smoking and alcohol intake also limit selenium absorption. 


The benefits of selenium are many.  And in terms of the body’s natural recovery process, this powerful antioxidant can assist in the repair and prevention of oxidative damage our cells have sustained from environmental toxins, slowing the aging process and preventing cancer.  Additionally, selenium may alleviate headaches, reduce asthma symptoms and strengthen the immune system.  The musculoskeletal perk?  Selenium is essential for tissue elasticity.  So, after a work out, thank your selenium based foods for at least part of the effectiveness of your stretching.  When put together, this little mineral can really help you MOVE-FUEL-RECOVER and ENDURE.