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June Endure

It's clear to say that almost no one becomes successful instantly. Many people fail time and time again before achieving their goals and dreams. The hardest part is enduring these "failures".  Maybe they're not necessarily failures but just bumps in the road to success.   The most important thing about these setbacks is learning from them and pulling yourself up by the boot straps to once again THRIVE.  There have been plenty of successful people in history who have failed but endured through these times and in the end made a major impact in the world.  

For instance Thomas Edison failed at least 1,000, if not 10,000 times designing a light bulb that would work. That's a lot of times...BUT where would we be now if he hadn't endured those bumps.   

It's never easy dealing with these kinds of things.  You get discouraged and feel a sense of fear for trying again.  
In the psychological level, confronting your fear instead of backing down brings about a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. SO get back on the horse! 

When times get tough remember these few things...

1.) Rise up and don’t regret.  you HAVE spent your time wisely.

2.)Learn as much as possible from the failure. 

3.)Don’t give up and don't stop believing...go ahead, put the song on.

4.)Keep dreaming and set big goals! 

5.) Oh yeah...ENDURE!

Don't look at failing as a bad thing but look at it as a learning experience.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right? So go out there and fall on your face. Get it over with. Do it again and again.