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Endure March

As we sit at our computers and read this article, there is a man out there enduring something so impressive that most of us cannot even comprehend it being humanly possible.  In fact, we all laughed at the idea when it was depicted in a fictional movie over a decade back.  YEARS of preparation have led him to this point and things will have to go just right for his plan to work out.  The man's name is Dean Karnazes and he is a real life Forrest Gump...he just started RUNNING!

You've all heard our push to try on endurance sports for yourself, and most of us give it a shot with a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or if we're really adventurous - a full marathon.  Dean Karnazes, however, has set out to run a distance not really measured in miles or kilometers but by the distance between two oceans.  As you read this, he is probably running somewhere out west, and what started a few weeks ago is probably around 1/3 complete at this point.  His plan is to run between 40 and 50 miles per day for 75 days covering the entire distance between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  He's not the first to do this, and won't be the last, but he most certainly is the most public and widely inspirational of all.  He's touching people who don't even realize that some actually run distances more than the mile we've all run in middle school gym class.

In his autobiography, "The Ultramarathon Man" Dean tells the story of him being a 20 something with a corner office, but something was just missing from his life.  Even though he has a lovely wife and two kids, something kept him wanting more.  On the night he was celebrating his 30th birthday with some friends out a bar, he decided this was not the life he wanted to live anymore.  When he got home, he set out on a 30 mile run starting at around midnight and ending in a gas station parking lot with a weary call to his wife for help.  Bloodied and beat up from the run, he found what he'd been missing.

Since this fateful day he's gone on to be one of the greatest distance runners of our time, and although many in the ultra-running community see him as a bit of a "show" he has found the ability to inspire the masses with his grit.  He didn't just wake up one day with the ability to do this, and what we can all learn from this is what can be accomplished if you truly endure with hard work and perseverance.  In his book Dean writes:

"I wasn't born with any innate talent.  I've never been naturally gifted at anything.  I always had to work at it.  The only way I knew how to succeed was to try harder than anyone else.  Dogged persistence is what got me through life.  But here was something I was half-decent at.  Being able to run great distances was the one thing I could offer the world.  Others might be faster, but I could go longer.  My strongest quality is that I never give up."

Something jumps off the page at me..."I NEVER GIVE UP"

Now let's look at the definition of endure:

v. en·dureden·dur·ingen·dures

1. To carry on through, despite hardships
2. To bear with tolerance

It seems that never giving up is at the heart of what it means to endure, and it doesn't matter what your hardship it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or anything.  It's the ability to carry on that's the important part of the equation.

In the physical realm, Dean is the epitome of what we at Pro-Activity are trying to get across to our clients and anyone who will listen.  It's simple:  There are no extraordinary people...anyone can do this stuff.  There are only ordinary, everyday people, who choose to do extraordinary things, and stop at nothing to get there.  Now that's EXTRAORDINARY, and that's what it takes to ENDURE. 

To read more about Dean's journey, you can visit the website here

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