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May Endure

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Endure:  Challenges, Stress and Bold Experiences


A few years back I had a new appreciation for my cup of morning coffee. Not only does it house an amazing magic that wakes you up in the morning and is loaded with nutritional punch (coffee has lots of antioxidants), it has been shown to improve athletic performance, can help lower blood sugar and for the extreme male drinkers seems to have a link to reduced risk of prostate cancer (did you know all that?). Beyond the physiological effects however, coffee has a unique ability to connect people too: it acts as a conversation starter, something that business deals are made or broken over, and the fertile soil where many relationships are formed and cultivated (not to mention a massive economic engine around the world).


But, despite how intriguing, these are not why I became so appreciative of my morning cup.  Rather, on a short trip to Guatemala for a friend’s wedding, I got the chance to take a tour of one of the oldest working coffee plantations in the area (and probably the world) to learn about the process. 


What an unbelievable process it is.  From having the right soil and caring for the plants (which take years to start producing and then, only produce for a short time relatively), to the harvest, peeling, drying and ultimately the selection process of the highest-quality beans, all the way through the roasting process; a ton of work goes into every cup.  But even THIS is not why I really appreciate the Java (or why it relates to an article under the header “Endure”).


The real reason?  Coffee gets it’s flavor from a life of challenges.  IT THRIVES WHEN IT ENDURES….a concept near and dear to my heart. 

The truth is, as many coffee connoisseurs would be happy to tell you in detail, including Howard Schultz in his book about the development of a little Seattle based coffee company he runs, the best coffee, the bean with most depth and flavor, the bean that creates the most robust end product and therefore the most satisfied customer, comes not from the plants that have had an “easy road” but rather, from the plants that have been under stress; that have been weathered and forced to endure challenges (environmental in this case) but found a way to push through. I LOVE this. 

It runs parallel to our mindset at Pro-Activity, firmly rooted in the “endure to thrive” concept; a mindset that helped staff to take on and conquer some impressive feats over the last few years.  Perhaps more importantly, this philosophy has helped us to coach our clients (from the individual looking to get healthy on a personal level, to the athlete looking to take another step in his/her development, to the large corporation looking to change the health status of their entire working population) on the benefits gained by “Enduring” the stresses and challenges as a key to living full and vibrant life;  We believe this building block, or what we call “human element”, is at the very base of life’s journey.


So, in our discussions related to our newest project, The Fuel Good Café, part of the BaseCamp31 community that we hope you’ll be an active part of, we looked long and hard at these mysterious little beans. We learned, listened, tested and tasted more coffee and roasts than we might like to admit in discovering our “BaseCamp Blend” (formula 9) not because we’re looking to serve the perfect cup of coffee, but rather seeking out the cup that is in line with our mindset and methods….the beans and roast that embody the hard work and endurance that gives life true character and flavor.  With each sip we take and cup of BaseCamp Blend we serve (in addition to the many other tasty high-octane fuels we'll be serving up) we will be reminded of the challenges and triumphs that the last 12 years have brought, the moments of endurance that have helped us to get from a little start-up with a dream of doing extraordinary things to here, the base of the next climb, one that will be perilous at times, but incredibly exciting for sure as the future journey ahead of us unfolds....lots of hard work with many challenges lie ahead for sure but ultimately a bold & memorable experience that we can't wait to share with you and all others on the journey as well.  


So somewhere around June 1, when you’re feeling a little groggy, stressed or over-done, maybe just knowing that you're ready for another step but not sure how to take it, I hope you’ll stop by to taste BaseCamp Blend, a cup of liquid-Endure, to help inspire, bring into focus and ultimately fuel the next stage of your journey.  Tell the ladies with the rockets on their backs that it's on me! 

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