Move November

Sometimes it starts with a simple idea….


In November 2005, Pro-Activity’s division of Health & Human Performance (known to many as the Personal Wellness Experience) was still in its infancy.  Having launched the program only 15 months prior, our new “baby” was starting to gain some traction.  Clients were getting great results, and having a blast doing it, and before we knew it, the Pro-Activity Family was starting to multiply.  Moms and Dads who at first were there just to drop their children off, or observe from the side were finding themselves eager to “give it a shot”.  And soon enough, brothers brought sisters, sisters brought moms, moms brought friends, friends brought dads, and the cycle started over again. 


Over the years, our roles as trainers and coaches have required a diverse set of skills …at times requiring that we help develop personal health and fitness plans…..push folks forward passed their perceived limits….sometimes only coaching from a distance…but most times, taking action alongside, keeping folks focused…and leading to the desired end result, and earning a deeply rooted mutual respect….step by step.  But regardless of role or necessary strategy…some key principles have remained constant:


  1. Work with clients to set personalized goals
  2. Develop and facilitate fun, effective way to pursues
  3. Achieve stated goal
  4. Review progress and start again...This time with a stronger body and more confident mind!


What we have found in this process, is that although something may start as a simple idea….or reason to get focused, stay motivated and push past perceived limits….with enough energy and Movement to support it….step by step, day by day, year by year, that simple idea can turn into Tradition!


In just one short week, the Pro-Activity family will celebrate our 7th anniversary on Thanksgiving morning as the largest (over 150 strong!), most energetic team at the Flemington CEA Turkey Trot!  As each year passes and our group continues to grow, we celebrate in the only way we know how…with our community and each other…taking action for what we believe in….a health-filled, and thankful holiday season!  And while it all started with a simple idea…a handful of clients and good friends looking to set personalized goals…we couldn’t be more thankful for what is has become!  Our Family Tradition…we hope you’ll always be a part!

Happy Thanksgiving!



2011...(stay tuned for 150+ strong! Warning:picture may be too large for screen.)