December Recover

Locus of Control

Maybe a phrase you’ve heard before? Somewhere back in the archives of your college psychology 101 class? How about a little memory jogger – it may prove rather beneficial.

As the environment around you changes, the degree to which you attribute success or failure to circumstances within your control is known as your Locus of Control. This personality trait, different in each of us, is registered on a continuum. On one end of the continuum are those who believe that outcomes are determined by fate.  These people have an external locus of control. On the other end, those who believe outcomes are determined by hard work, decisions and attributes have an internal
locus of control.

When considering recovery, recognize that you always have a choice. The stress of the holiday season can also be looked at as an opportunity. All those time consuming details that you refuse to forget show your thoughtfulness. Find some peace in knowing that it only stresses you because you care.

Mental recovery in hectic times is as important as physical recovery. If you decide to take control over your current stress, you will likely be more successful in managing it.