Endure November

Since the beginning of 2011, you've read along (hopefully) as we've continually stressed 4 human elements that can lead to a "Thriving" life...Move - Fuel - Recover - Endure.  You've read along as we've drawn parallels between the game of life and endurance sports.  And we've had amazing visitors throughout 2011 stress the same - a blind triathlete who has dealt with his fair share of challenges, but yet still finds it within himself to encourage us to "endure life" to get the most from it.....we've drawn inspiration from a man who literally ran across America and told us that "when the human spirit is challenged....it will SOAR"!.  We've even garnered simple pleasure in the coffee bean's ability to endure en route to producing the finest of flavors....yes, no two ways about it....like it or not....ENDURANCE is part of life....and your ability to do so effectively only makes the latter that much more enjoyable.

And ever so fittingly, with the Holiday Season and all it's craziness knocking loudly on our door....it is once again time to Endure, to ensure we continue to Thrive, and get through the next 45 days so we can put an exclamation point on 2011.  But during this time, Enduring is not necessarily about a road race (although there's plenty out there if that's your thing)....it's not just about dealing productively with the stress of the season (although that's still important).....it's not about coffee beans (but those are awesome too!).....Enduring this time is about staying focused on what's important to you, being thankful for what you have, and not losing sight of what it is you said you wanted.....your goals...your aspirations....your true purpose.

Sadly, now is often the time when so many fail to endure....caught up in the emotion of the season....so many lose track of "What and Why" as they race through parking lots and push through the malls.  So many forget their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and that of their families.  So we challenge you....take a moment to think about it "What" it is you believe you're here to do...."Why" is it important to you....and know that doing so at your best requires that you remain physically strong, mentally focused, emotionally fit, and spiritually deep.

Endure On Friends.....and be Thankful that you Can!