October Move

It’s 5:00pm on a Wednesday...you’re done with work for the day and now it’s time to hit the gym...You say, “Ugh, I’ll just go tomorrow instead...” and you keep putting it off because you’d rather poke
out your eyes than exercise.  Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us..but still, no excuse BECAUSE exercise doesn’t have to be awful and boring. I know. Craziest thing you’ve ever heard right? Well, your life is about to turn around. You’re welcome.  

There are literally tons of different things you could do and not even realize you’re burning calories! 

Dancing-Come on this one is a given...Who doesn’t like dancing?! 

Chewing Gum- Not only does it burn calories it helps with hydration by creating more saliva while you chew. 

Goin' Fishin'
-You don’t think trudging through moving water in waders while casting and holding a fishing pole up takes much? Think again! Not only are you getting a total body workout you’re catchin’ fish! And apparently fishing is the hip thing to do these days...

Take the scenic route- So the parking space that is literally a foot away from the entrance is taken...Cue the parking lot road rage. INSTEAD why not park the car far, far away from the store. It saves you time circling around for a close spot and you’re burning more calories by taking that longer walk.  Besides it’s easier to remember where you parked your car when it’s all by it’s lonesome 50 yards away...

And of course my favorite...

Laughing-I suggest reruns of 30 Rock....30 minutes of that show = 100 calories easy!  

It doesn’t take much to move...Make moves that make you happy even if it’s watching an exercise video from the 80’s starring Richard Simmons on a Saturday night(not that I did that or anything....) It’s still moving! So move it or lose it!