September Endure

There we were, twenty of us, a group that had traveled hundreds of miles to get to this place, a group that had put in hours of practice and preparation, a group that was about to “be tested” again as we set out to overcome obstacles and challenges….that we signed up for.


A few weekends ago, the PACER Team, the endurance racing team that several of us participate on and Pro-Activity sponsors, made our way down to Virginia Beach, VA to complete the Rock-n-Roll Virginia Beach ½ Marathon.  On the way back from the “expo”, where we picked up our racing numbers and crossed paths with the other +/- 17,000 people who were also showing up for the test, we started to talk about why people (including us) sign up for this stuff.  Why would we choose to endure months of training, nagging aches and pains, fitting more “in” to our lives, etc all so that we can pay a fee (a sometimes hefty one) to run, in this case 13.1 miles; and to take it one step further, why would people like Marshall Ulrich, who Eric had the chance to meet at the race-expo (same guy who ran over 3,000 miles in 52 days), decide to do something SOOOOO over the top?


Are the wires crossed in the brains of people who appreciate the pursuit of endurance?  Is the famed “runner’s high” really that good?  What good could possibly come out of a group of sports where people joke about their toenails falling off?


There is no single answer of course.  Some people want to test (or push) their limits; others have something to prove to themselves or others; some people do it to honor a loved one or raise money for a cause; some people just need a good excuse to stick with something healthy.  At Pro-Activity we often find ourselves nudging people to do something endurance focused, we list it as one of our 4 “human elements”….mostly because life REQUIRES endurance….aren’t the real winners those who can still “go strong” when nearing the finish line?  We think so, and games, in this case endurance sports, are a way to make the practice required to master this life-skill that much more fun.


And so, now that the fall is here (the perfect time of year), we URGE you to invest in your own ENDURE skills; let yourself get drawn in, experience (whether firsthand as an athlete or second hand as a “loudmouth” out there cheering people on) the ups that go with personal victories AND the downs that go with “almost-did”, the pain that sometimes goes with pushing yourself AND the triumph of pushing through it, the frustration when things don’t go your way AND the flow when your body glides along seemingly effortlessly to those looking on.


Why do so many people do this? Why do literally millions of people participate in endurance events all over the world each year? The answer is obvious….....but not at first.


Want to get started?  Join Pro-Activity in any of the endurance venues we support.  From weekly fun runs led from BaseCamp31, to the PACER team a sponsored part of the BaseCamp31 non-profit community, to our most recent supported endeavor the O’er Hills & Far Away Race and Harvest Festival in Hunterdon County on 10/7 & 10/8.  Take a small step toward something truly EXTRAORDINARY.

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